Our Favourite Prints from 2016

2016 has been a big year for us: we perfected our printing techniques, we celebrated our first year in business, and we made some great friends and partners. Just for fun (and to show off our clients’ sweet designs!) we’re going to do a little recap of our favourite printing and design jobs this year!favouriteWORD VANCOUVERWord is Vancouver’s best and biggest festival celebrating reading and writing. Held throughout the city during the last week of September, Word promotes authors with free exhibits, performances, and hands-on activities. Their printed promotional materials are always carefully and meticulously designed and have come to play a pivotal role in their marketing. (Maybe our love of words has made us a little biased on this one!)printitgo design solutions the mayer hair salon wooden signTHE MAYER HAIR SALONThis salon has become one of Van’s most popular beauty destinations. Their innovation doesn’t fail to show in their designs!20160713_153250TOURISM WHISTLERTourism Whistler’s job is to represent one of the most beautiful places in BC (and they’re not complaining!). We’ve really been digging Whis lately (possibly ’cause of the all the snow they’ve been having!). But we’re stoked to have been able to work with them on the designs for their new app!favourite business cardsSINGLE MALT DAILYBusiness card status: On. Brand.Single Malt Daily is dedicated to malts, blends, whiskey, and drams of all kinds! Their black and white soft touch lamination cards are class and quality.img_0381SEA TO SKY FOOD AND MUSIC FESTYes, we love Whistler! But this event is worth the mention. The event had lanyards, bookmarks, banners, and other useful, promo materials designed and printed. Their marketing material was on point, largely because they took advantage of every avenue they had to market their brand!

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