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Our Favourite Prints from 2016

2016 has been a big year for us: we perfected our printing techniques, we celebrated our first year in business, and we made some great friends and partners. Just for fun (and to show off our clients’ sweet designs!) we’re going to do a little recap of our favourite printing and design jobs this year!WORD VANCOUVERWord is Vancouver’s best and biggest festival celebrating reading and writing. Held throughout the city during the last week of September, Word promotes authors with free exhibits, [...]

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Why Promotional Items Will Stay Relevant

Your brand is the most important tool you have (or so we’ve come to believe!), which makes marketing a priority. While social media is a priority too, there is a bracket of people who aren’t yet persuaded by it. Regardless of your customer’s interest in social media, printed promotional items give your brand more visibility. To help out (and because we just adore marketing!) we wrote info on a few pivotal items we suggest you look into for your business. [...]

Meet Our All Star Team: Indie, the Digital Printing expert

Meet Indie; Our HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press Enter the world of quality, versatility and robustness with PRINTitGO’s HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press. Our Digital Press is highly productive and capable of doing any printing that you can think of. The HP Indigo is the current leader in print quality and colour. Using specialized ElectroInks, we print at the digital printing price, but with the quality of the offset presses. The HP Indigo offers the biggest media (paper) range including thick substrates. [...]

UV Coating: High Gloss Coating

Your printed marketing materials may be your only opportunity to get your customer’s attention in today’s increasingly competitive markets. Why not make them really shine, and catch their attention? You may want to check out the advantages of using UV coating.What is UV Coating?UV coating, or ultraviolet coating, is a very glossy, shiny coating applied to the printed paper surface and cured on a special machine using ultraviolet light. These special UV coatings harden, or cure when they receive [...]

Stickers are Cool

“Stickers are cool…but I’m not sure how I could use them in my business”. We’ve heard it time and time again.Here’s how to use them for your company.1) Sticker swag. Get some good quality custom stickers made of your logo and start giving them out. If people like your brand, they’ll stick your sticker and suddenly you customers aren’t just customers, they are brand advocates.2) Decals. You can buy these everywhere online, but if you want to [...]

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Who Provides the Best Poster Printing in Vancouver?

Best Poster Printing in Vancouver? Best Poster Printing in Vancouver? Is your company attending a trade show next weekend and needs to deliver your message to attendees to stop by your booth?Is your company attending a trade show next weekend and needs to deliver your message to attendees in a way that makes them stop by your booth? Does your retail store need a sign in the window that draws people walking by into your store for a big sale [...]

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3 ways vinyl banners can increase your brand’s visibility

Vinyl Printing Vancouver Vinyl Printing Vancouver | Vinyl banners in Vancouver are appropriate for many situations, They can be moved from place to place and easily hung both inside and outside due to their light weight.Even if your business is small, you shouldn’t discount custom printing as a powerful branding tool; more than three-fourths (76%) of small businesses say that ideally, their marketing strategy would combine both digital and print communication strategies. And if you’re looking to brand your business [...]